Logitech Notebook Kit MK605 Provides Keyboard, Mouse And Riser

Logitech has been on somewhat of a roll here lately, particularly in the travel accessories department. After pumping out a fresh new keyboard within the MK700 desktop combo and creating a mouse that would actually work on glass, the outfit has now bundled up a few travel necessities and called it the MK605.

Essentially, this kit helps those using "make-shift" workstations get work done faster and more comfortably. The Logitech Notebook Kit MK605 combines a pivoting riser with a wireless mouse and keyboard, not to mention that it throws in the company's Unifying technology to boot. Obviously, the kit can be used together or in pieces; for more involved tasks you can use all three. Or, when chatting with friends you might just need the keyboard, while when surfing the Web from your favorite coffee shop you’d be more comfortable using your mouse.

The pivoting riser lets you choose from three different angles to bring the screen to an eye-level height for you and fits laptops up to 15.6". The wireless keyboard, while plain, does provide a full-size layout as well as a full numeric keypad. The wireless laser mouse is equally plain, though Logitech's mousing devices have generally felt their best when looking their worst.

It's expected on store shelves next month for $99.99.