Logitech Mice Even Work On A Clear Glass Table

Logitech today announced two new mice that can be used almost anywhere, even on clear glass.

The glass must be at least 4 millimeters thick, but I'd imagine it would be a little stressful to be computing on a table where the glass top was thinner, wondering if you're going to press too hard and bring the entire tabletop crashing to the ground in a pile of glass shards.

The Logitech Performance
Mouse MX and the Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX use Darkfield Laser Tracking to achieve their goals and are supposed to be useful on even high-gloss surfaces that most mice are useless on.

The mice are wireless, with a teensy receiver (about the size of a nickel) that stays in your computer.

Other details:
• Hyper-fast scrolling, which allows you to zip through a long document with one spin. Click-to-click scrolling also is available, however, so you're not going to zip through an entire slideshow if you don't want to.
• 2.4 GHz wireless for "fast data transmission and virtually no delays or dropouts."

The Performance Mouse has a micro-USB system to charge it through your computer or through a standard wall outlet, and it can be charged up while it's in use. It also has four customizable thumb buttons that can be programmed to flip between open windows or applications or to zoom in and out, among other things.

The Anywhere Mouse is labeled as "small enough to take with you" and is sculpted to fit naturally in your hand. It also has thumb buttons to flip backward and forward through Web pages.

The folks at Logitech are so jazzed about their new mice that they even created this video:

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