Logitech Lets Loose Curvy M320 Wireless Mouse Built For Comfort, Sports 2-Year Battery Life

Being the hardcore enthusiasts that we are, it's easy to forget that not everyone lives on the cutting edge of technology or otherwise wants or needs high end components and peripherals designed for power users. So for those of who wouldn't dream of owning a mouse decked out with more buttons than you have fingers, meet Logitech's latest rodent, the M320.

This little guy is a wireless mouse designed for comfort by way of its curved shape to "guide your hand to a natural position." It also sports an asymmetrical form, making it an ambidextrous rodent for both left- and right-handed users.

Logitech M320 Black

"With the considerable amount of time each day that we all spend using desktops, laptops and tablets, it is really important that our input devices are comfortable to use," said Charlotte Johs, global vice president of computer peripherals at Logitech. "We used a handcrafted process to create the Logitech Wireless Mouse M320, and this design technique allowed us to achieve a dynamic, curved shape with a soft rubber grip that is naturally comfortable for the hand."

Logitech M320 Blue

The M320 picks up its wireless signal via an included 2.4GHz nano receiver that you plug into any available USB port. When not in use, the mouse puts itself to sleep. According to Logitech, this allows the M320 to boast a 2-year battery life on a single AA battery, though obviously your mileage will vary depending on use.

Other features include a 1,000 dpi sensor, an operating distance of up to 25 meters (or 80 feet), three buttons, and a scroll wheel.

The Logitech Wireless Mouse M320 is available now in various color options for $30 MSRP.