Logitech’s K600 TV Wireless Keyboard Is Designed For Better Smart TV Control

Smart TV owners know that using the menus and performing searches using the normal remote control that comes with a TV can be a challenge. On-screen keyboards have never been the easiest things to use when you can only enter a single character at a time. Voice controlled remotes can help substantially, but there are times where you don’t want to talk to your TV, such as late-night binging sessions when others are home and asleep. Logitech has a new product that should help you navigate your smart TV menu and perform your searches in near silence, however, called the Logitech K600 TV Keyboard with Integrated Touchpad and D-Pad.

logitech k600

Logitech says that the keys are silent, comfortable to type on, and the K600 has the QWERTY key arrangement that everyone knows. The only oddity that might give some users pause when it comes to typing feel is its round key cap shape. Those round keys are meant to match the rounded design of the keyboard itself, to blend with living room décor. The company also says that the curved shape is meant to allow users to store the keyboard facedown.

k600 angle

The K600 sits on your lap during use and is slim enough that you can hold it with two hands and still use the round trackpad placed on the right side of the keyboard. Its trackpad is also on the right side of the keyboard rather than underneath as you would see on a laptop. The D-pad is located above and slightly to the right of the trackpad, allowing easy use with your thumb as you hold the keyboard. Putting the trackpad and D-pad on the right could give lefties pause as well. K600 users will also find dedicated keys for media and navigation, like the home key and volume buttons allowing the K600 to act as a remote control of sorts. That should keep you from having to pick up your normal remote if the volume is too loud as you are looking for something to watch.

The K600 is wireless with a 15-meter range and the batteries inside promise to last 12-months. The biggest potential caveat to the K600 is that it is designed specifically to work with select smart TVs from Samsung, LG, Sony BRAVIA, and Philips. Select Fire TV-powered devices from Toshiba and are supported as well, however. Windows PCs, Macs, iOS devices, and Android devices are also supported. You can use K600 with multiple devices, thanks to Easy-Switch technology that lets you change between sources with the tap of a button. Logitech has a page that lists all compatible TVs allowing you to verify if your smart TV will work; the Logitec K600 will launch in October for $69.99.