Logitech Harmony Ultimate and Smart Control Remotes Add SONOS Speaker Support, Speech To Text Search

Logitech has added more functionality to some of its remote control products, and with them the company is aiming for a smarter home. The Logitech Harmony Ultimate and Logitech Harmony Smart Control now have the ability to control SONOS wireless HIFi System speakers and Philips Hue lights, and they offer speech-to-text capabilities through the associated Harmony App.

The speech-to-text functionality is particularly useful for searching for content on your set-top device such as the new Amazon Fire TV, and the app uses Siri or Android Speech Recognition (depending, obviously, on your device).

logitech harmony smart remote

This update also grants the Harmony Hub remote setup to a number of devices including Roku boxes as well as the aforementioned Philips lights and SONOS system. The new capabilities are available as of today.

The connected home is still a ways off, but little by little, you can see the shape of it emerging.