Logitech Debuts Harmony Adapter for Sony's PS3

Logitech has certainly dabbled in the gaming realm before, but this is arguably its most impressive venture yet. For years now, home cinema enthusiasts have wondered why Sony added in Bluetooth remote control capabilities over the far more widely accepted RF radio. At long last, a company with a trusted record in the remote industry is stepping forward with a bridge, enabling Sony's PlayStation 3 to become the media center it was always meant to be when not playing games.

The suitably named Logitech Harmony Adapter for PlayStation 3 is a relatively small box (99.4 x 65.6 x 18.5 millimeters in size) that is designed to sit alongside your PS3 and allow your existing Harmony universal remote to finally control every media aspect (including turning the system on and off) of your console. Logitech makes clear that this isn't designed to work with remotes that don't have a Harmony logo, but considering that it's just an IT to Bluetooth adapter, it doesn't consume one of your USB ports. To be clear, the adapter supports all 51 PlayStation 3 commands, even allowing users to fully navigate the PS3 XrossMediaBar (XMB). It's expected to ship to thrilled PS3 media junkies this month for $59.99.