Logitech Cordless Desktop MX3100, BFG Tech GeForce 7800 GTX OC

Hey folks, are you enjoying the heat? The northeast portion of the HH labs is brutally hot today. Not quite as hot as my hardware(haha!), but it feels like it. Anyway, getting to the news. Adrian's Rojak Pot has updated its "Desktop Graphics Card Comparison Guide" to include 220 desktop cards. And in other news, The Sims 2 seems to be the latest scapegoat for US attorney Jack Thompson. That's right folks, The Sims 2 is no better than GTA: SA. Hide your children!

Logitech Cordless Desktop MX3100 Review @ ASE Labs

"Take a quick look at my own system and you'll see many Logitech products. At work, many people use Logitech mice and keyboards. Their name is synonymous with quality and it is a brand that people trust. The Cordless Desktop MX 3100 is the keyboard and mouse combo set to replace the aging MX Duo. The MX Duo was the most amazing keyboard and mouse combo at the time, but the MX 3100 dethrones it."

Basic System Buyer's Guide - July 2005 @ Mikhailtech

"This month we're pleased to give our video card yet another slight boost. Unfortunately a 256-bit 9800PRO or a vanilla GeForce 6600 (non-GT) is still out of reach, but we were able to squeeze in a 256MB, 256-bit 9600XT. This particular model uses a 500MHz/600MHz core/memory configuration. This card is more than capable of playing every new release on medium settings at the very least."

BFG Tech GeForce 7800 GTX OC Review @ Beyond3D

"Where, of course, the BFG Tech board does make a major differentiation is in the clock speeds of the core and memory with the default configuration for the 7800 GTX residing at a shader core of 430MHz and a memory at 600MHz, however as the "OC" implies, this BFG board is increased to have a shader core of 460MHz and the memory speed at 650MHz."

Chaintech Zenith VNF4 Ultra Review @ HTPCnews

"The Ultra is clearly aimed at the mainstream power user who does not require a lot of extra frills in their box, but wants the power and features of a more expensive board. Considering the price for this motherboard is only $95 at newegg.com right now... On the surface it is a great starting point for building an budget HTPC, lets dig in and see if it really is."

Swiftech CoolSleeves Review @ Watercooling 101

"For those of us water coolers, one issue that we all have to deal with eventually, is the kinks that end up forming within our tubing. Swiftech has come out with a solution!"