Logitech Buys Astro Gaming For $85M Expanding Reach To Console eSports Headset Market

Logitech, one of the biggest brands in the PC gaming peripheral market, has acquired Astro Gaming, a popular player in the audio headset sector for both PC and console gamers. The $85 million all-cash acquisition brings together two major brands, both with solid reputations among gamers in their own right. By joining forces, Logitech and Astro Gaming become the top seller of headsets, mice, keyboards, and streaming webcams for PCs and consoles.

Astro Gaming can be considered a pioneer in the gaming audio headset space. The company is best known for its A40 and A50 headsets aimed at professional gamers and enthusiasts. More recently, Astro Gaming launched a less expensive A10 model for console gamers on a budget, thereby expanding its reach to a wider audience. That may have also helped catch the attention of Logitech.

Astro Gaming

"The whole team at Astro has always held Logitech and Logitech G products in the highest regard, so I’m ecstatic we are joining forces. Astro’s brand strength combined with Logitech G's unrivaled technology and global distribution network is going to bring our products to even more gamers around the world," said Jordan Reiss, co-founder and president of Astro.

In a statement of his own, Logitech G vice president and general manager insinuated that Logitech will focus its future efforts on PC gaming solutions, while Astro Gaming will take aim at the console crowd. It is not entirely clear if there will be some overlap there, or if each division will stay strictly in their respective lanes as outlined.

This is an interesting pairing, and one that seems like it should work well. Logitech has long been invested in the audio space. Its Z906 5.1 surround sound speaker system is a popular option among gamers who crave heavy bass and THX certified audio, and Logitech also carries an extensive line of headsets, including the flagship G933 Artemis Spectrum.