Logisys Yin Yang ATX Case

Steve "Stratus" Grever from Hardware-Review.Net has reviewed a wild looking case from Logisys, the "Yin Yang".  It's not exactly my style because I'm a stickler for good cable management and a more subdued appearance, but I'm sure many of you will totally dig the two-tone, translucent look of this puppy.

Having a clear acrylic case was considered "cool" a couple years ago, but now the fad seems to have wore off. To help bring back the hype to clear cases, Logisys developed the two-tone, blue/clear acrylic Yin Yang ATX case, which is on our test bench today. Let's see if this case can tip the scales back in the clear case's favor and make them the "King of the Hill" once more.


Tags:  case, atx, Yi, Yang