Locket App Lets Users Earn Cash for Putting Ads on Smartphone Lock Screens

Your eyeballs are valuable commodities. No, we're not talking about scooping them out and selling them on the black market -- please don't do that -- but for advertisers, their goal is to get their goods and services in front of your face however possible. A new app called Locket wants to help them do that by beaming ads on your Android smartphone's lock screen, but there's an upside for you, too.

You'll get paid to view ads. When you see an ad, you can swipe left to engage with it, claim a deal, or watch a trailer. Or, you can swipe right to jump straight into your phone as you normally would.

Locket Ad

"Rather than make you pay to get rid of ads, we make it so (relevant) brands pay you to display their ads. On average, you see around 5,000 ads every day. Brands already pay to show you ads," Locket explains. "They just don’t pay you. So why would brands do that now? Well, If you’ve got a smartphone, you’re checking it 100 times every day, and every time you do, the lock screen is the first thing you see."

Locket's goal is to create a win-win situation for advertisers and consumers alike, one that will reward both parties "handsomely." That boils down to one cent per ad/swipe, regardless of whether you engage with it or jump into your smartphone, capped at three cents per hour.

That's not much, but it's only the beginning. In time, if that figure could go way up, though it will depend on how popular the platform becomes.