Liquid Cooled Dual Xeon Workstation, Two North/South Bridge Coolers and Pixalshader 3.0

Good morning everyone :)  Well, today is the day that we celebrate our mothers.  Whether they are cooking our food, mending our cloths or tending to our wounds; mothers are the adamant friend that is always there.  We may not always get along with them, but we always love them.  On behalf of the HH crew, to all the mothers out there;  Happy Mothers Day :)

Building the Super Case for a Liquid Cooled Dual Xeon Workstation @ PC Perspectives

"The concept used here is really quite simple.  It starts by putting the motherboard and all of its accessories in an isolated area, under a greenhouse style window.  This allows easy viewing of all the "must see" components, without having to look past bulky drives and having to twist and turn for a good look inside.  Instead of in front or on top of the mainboard, the power supply and drives share space with the cooling system's water pump, behind the motherboard, in a "chopped and channeled" LianLi case.  In the very back, with air flowing across a dedicated portion of the enclosure, is the radiator with its fan and shroud."

Thermaltake Extreme Spirit North/South Bridge Cooling Kit @ Controlled-Insanity PC Mods

"There are so many North and South Bridge cooling kits out there nowadays, they are sometimes hard to keep track of. Many have good performance but look crappy, or make too much noise. Others just don't cool well, and today "HaXoRsMoBiLe" is taking a look at a new offering sent over for review by Crazy PC, the Thermaltake Extreme Spirit North and South Bridge Cooling Kit."

Microcool NorthPole Chipset Cooler Review @ Ninjalane

"Good aftermarket Northbridge coolers are fairly hard to come by especially if you are using the Intel i865PE or i875P chipset. The NorthPole cooler from Microcool solves this problem provided that you can stand a little noise."

What's the use of a pixelshader 3.0 Chip today? @ 3D Center

"But with every new technique its also a relevant problem of medium or short term advantages. This creates a unusual situation with pixelshader 3.0: The ability, which is needed by the hardware to gain pixelshader 3.0 compatibility, can be applied for the acceleration of techniques that go back to DirectX7. Naturally in this process the driver plays an important role, as he has to adapt these older techniques (respectively the game code, that was written with it) for the optimal use of new possibilities."

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