Linux Market Shared Broken Down By Product Segment

We got some interesting statistics sent over from MBAOnline that we thought you’d all like to see and discuss. The infographic below details Linux and Linux-based operating system marketshare in three distinct market segments, desktops, tablets and mobile. As you’ll see, the disparity between the platforms is huge.

On the desktop, Linux is almost non-existent, with <1% market share. We’re sure the number is much higher amongst enthusiasts and the enterprise, but in the desktop / consumer space, Linux has very little traction. Desktops are all about Windows and to a much smaller extent OSX. Android (which is derived from a Linux kernel) fares far better in the tablet space, although it still holds less than half the marketshare of iOS. In the mobile / smartphone space, Linux derived OSes are the clear market leaders, with double-digit leads over iOS and Blackberry.