LightScribe Direct Disc Labeling Launches Public Linux Toolkit

LightScribe gives Linux support but a color-capable version is still in resesarch

This week, LightScribe announced a new toolkit for Linux that allows users to install and use (PDF) LightScribe-enabled disc burners to create laser-printed, direct-to-disc designs and labels. The new release is publically available and is free as a SDK. The technology was previously only available to Windows users because of the availability of a proper driver and client-side software.

LightScribe is a technology that HP is continuing to develop. The technology allows grayscale images to be burned into the label side of a disc, creating an image that's somewhat like a black and white photograph. The depth of the grayscale recording system is currently flat but does produce an impressive image. HP has acknowledge that LightScribe is grayscale only for the time being and its researchers are working on ways of possibly introducing a color-capable version in the future.

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