Lian Li Launches PC-V352 Desktop / HTPC Chassis

Lian Li announced the new PC-V352 Desktop/HTPC Chassis. Featuring an all aluminum design, the new chassis will be available in three colors (red, silver, and black) at the end of May. The PC-V352 supports Micro ATX and Mini ITX motherboards and a removable motherboard tray. The case also has right or left side mounted ODD bays, two multimedia USB 3.0 I/O ports, and e-SATA/SD card reader/HD audio ports. Suggested price for the PC-V352 is $169 for silver or black and $189 for red.

Lian Li Launches the PC-V352 Desktop / HTPC Chassis

6 May 2010, Keelung, Taiwan – Lian Li Industrial Co. Ltd. launches the PC-V352 Desktop/HTPC Chassis. The all aluminum design features right or left side mounts for ODD bays and multimedia I/O ports, giving users the flexibility to place the PC-V352 in any position they wish without sacrificing easy access. The sleek brushed aluminum chassis comes in black, silver and red, with a clean, easy-on-the-eyes front panel design. The dimensions stand at 279 x 262 x 373mm (W.H.D). The chassis comes with all the functional and user friendly design aspects that users have come to expect in a Lian Li’s case.

Detailed Design

Lian Li engineers have combined airflow, noise reducing and tool-less design techniques throughout the PC-V352. The removable motherboard tray allows for easy setup and supports both Micro ATX or Mini ITX and the elegant outer-panels give users the confidence to place the PC-V352 as conspicuously as they wish. Tool-less, sliding designed with anti-vibration rubber ring suspension, the PC-V352 can hold three 3.5” HDDs. The chassis owns two 120mm fans at the front for drawing cool air in, strategically placed directly in front of the motherboard, as well as one 80mm fan in the back, controlled by a 3-speed fan switch, for drawing hot air out. Additionally, the fans are mounted with special anti-vibration grommets making them capable of running almost silently.

Feature Rich

The PC-V352 externally supports two 5.25” optical drive bays (ODD) with an option to convert one bay to 3.5” (using a 5.25” converter), and can be mounted on either the right- or left-hand side. The chassis has two multimedia USB 3.0 I/O ports as well as e-SATA/SD card reader/HD audio ports that can be mounted on either the right or left side panels. The chassis has four PCI expansion slots, which are well ventilated with special brackets. The PC-V352's PSU compartment is lined with rubber support pads and mounts a standard power supply with vents along the bottom, increasing airflow.

Traditional Durability

Classic, stylish, functional designs are Lian Li's goal. The essence of Lian Li's products is the craftsmanship of the engineering. Intrinsic to the workmanship and quality of Lian Li's products is their customization capabilities, which include a whole host of optional extras that can be added to an already feature rich product.

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