LG's Black Friday Deals Include Big Discounts On Its Gorgeous OLED TVs

Have you been contemplating a big screen TV upgrade? Generally speaking, the best deals are found twice a year—just prior to the Super Bowl, and during the Black Friday festivities that in recent years have been extended well before the day after Thanksgiving. We now find ourselves in that moment where Black Friday deals are starting to appear, and there are lots of deals on TVs out there. Among them are discounts on LG's awesome organic light emitting diode (OLED) TVs, which are widely considered some of the best looking TVs on the market.

One of the big advantage of an OLED panel is that light can be emitted on a pixel-by-pixel basis. This allows for bright and vibrant pictures, with bright and dark pixels having no impact on other pixels in the vicinity. The same is not always true of LCD screens that splash a backlight through a layer of pixels.


The trade-off is price—while OLED displays are generally superior to LCD panels, they are expensive. However, LG has several models that are on sale, and some will feature even deeper discounts next week, from Sunday, November 19 through Cyber Monday, November 27.

LG's discounts apply to its entire line of OLED TVS, from the B7A series on up to its Signature W7 models. Features vary by model, but if you're looking for the best deal, the B7A series is where you should focus your attention.

Here is how the pricing breaks down:

Both models are still more expensive than available LCD TVs, but are excellent deals for OLED. Prices also start to ramp up as you progress through LG's fancier models. If you have a bigger budget, here is a look at the other sale prices (along with a couple that are not discounted, for completeness):
As you can see, the real bargains are on the B7A and C7 models, and to some extent the E7P line. After that, pricing starts to get a bit ridiculous. In any event, there you go, and happy shopping!