LG V30+ Arrives As Sprint Exclusive October 5 With 128GB Of Internal Storage And QuadPlay Earbuds

Sprint has announced something that LG V30 fans who wished for more storage will be pretty pumped about, and it's known as the the LG V30+. This smartphone will be a Sprint exclusive at launch, and that launch will happen on October 13, which is about a week after the standard LG V30 launches on October 5 at Verizon and AT&T. There's also a treat for audiophiles with the new V30+ bundle as well.

LG V30 Front

The V30+ will look just like the normal V30 (check out our hands-on for all the details), but the differences are all on the inside. The V30+ will have twice as much on-board Flash storage, 128GB to be exact. Sprint also promises that its V30+ will have higher sound quality experience for music and video to boot.

LG V30+ buyers can get the smartphone in Sprint stores starting October 13 for $38 per month with Sprint Flex and no money down, the full price for the smartphone is $912. Obviously you'll need a credit check and some folks my not be eligible for the deal. If you are a new Sprint customer, you can save $30 on the device by purchasing online and current customers can also shave that $30 off by upgrading online.

If you are a new customer or an upgrading Sprint customer, you can get the V30+ with SprintFlex and get a second device lease at no cost. That means $38 monthly for a pair of V30+ smartphones. Buyers will also get a Daydream View headset and Top VR Content Bundle to explore VR, thanks to a national promotion.

The Sprint exclusive LG V30+ will also ship with LG QuadPlay earbuds in the box (this is the improved audio LG is talking about). These earbuds have Quad Layer speaker tech providing "rich, accurate audio even at the extremes of both high and low frequencies." The headphones also have a fabric cable to reduce tangling and digital noise.

The smartphone is a HPUE-enabled device, meaning it has the tech for increasing coverage and to get a better streaming experience for videos and for gaming on the Sprint network. The V30+ of course also has the same 6-inch OLED full-vision display with voice recognition, face recognition, a fingerprint sensor, and Knock Code as the standard V30.