LG Reportedly Tapped For Apple iPhone 8 Curved OLED Display

Over the past few years, it has seemed like the advancement of smartphone tech has slowed, with some wondering whether or not it is actually worth upgrading from one flagship model to the next. We saw the same thing on the desktop: over time, CPUs were "good enough", so some people stopped fussing over needing the latest and greatest.

Well, that concept of being stuck in limbo is one even Apple can't escape. Its beloved iPhone continues to get better and better with each iteration, but again, we're at a time when it's becoming ever-harder for companies like Apple to "wow" us. So what's that mean for future iPhones? We might see some changes we weren't quite expecting.

iPhone 7 Plus black
Apple's current top-end iPhone, the iPhone 7 Plus

Case in point: the iPhone 8 is being heavily rumored to include a curved display that will be manufactured by LG Display, a piece of technology that really doesn't seem like one Apple would ordinarily hop on. Often, it feels like Apple tries its damnedest to avoid adopting certain superfluous features of its competitors (Blu-ray, anyone?), but this would be one of those rarer times when it might adopt such things anyway.

Moving to a curved display wouldn't be a bad thing, although that really depends on your perspective. Some of Apple's current iPhone models are quite delicate (the Jet Black model, in particular), and moving to curved screens isn't likely to worsen that situation.

Galaxy S7 S7 Edge Two In A Box2
Samsung currently offers two model Galaxy S7s, one with a curved screen both OLED

A curved iPhone wouldn't just look good, it could feel good to hold. It's one of those features that probably can't be considered "important", but it's a nice way to dress up a higher-end model and help justify their high price tags.

In addition to the curved display, the iPhone 8 is also rumored to support a new touch-sensitive technology, although right now, it's quite difficult to assume what that could be, given Apple is already the king of touch on mobile devices.