LG's Next-Gen QNED Mini LED TVs On Track For CES 2021 Debut

LG qned tv
Earlier in December, Samsung unveiled the likely absurdly expensive 110” MicroLED 4K TV. Now, it appears that LG will be taking off its gloves and entering the ring with a lineup of Mini LED displays. Ranging in size up to 86”, these ten new 4K and 8K displays are being prepped to be fully revealed during CES, but LG has shared some preliminary details a bit early.

LG’s QNED Mini LED displays are the “top-of-the-line offering among LG’s 2021 premium LCD TV lineup.” The QNED portion of the name represents the power of quantum dot and nanocell technology, combined to enhance the TV’s color reproduction. LG has also paired this with nearly 30,000 Mini LED lights for backlighting, which “offers better contrast and deeper blacks for images of exceptional vibrancy and realism.” These TVs do not quite beat OLED, it seems, so do not get too excited.
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LG's QNED Mini LED Display Is A Step Forward In LCD Technology

Besides the improved color accuracy, it appears that these TVs could be decent gaming displays as well, as they will support up to 120Hz refresh rates. Whatever content you end up viewing on the TV, though, it is bound to look good with the deep blacks and HDR image quality.

Overall, LG claims this is a “giant leap forward in LCD TV picture quality” that will be further shown off during CES in January. They plan to have a virtual exhibition booth that anyone can check out on January 11th. If you want to find out more and see more CES 2021 content, keep an eye on HotHardware in the coming weeks.