LG G6 Reportedly Set For Early 2017 Launch To Take On Looming Galaxy S8

lg g5 battery popout
LG hoped to take the flagship Android smartphone market by storm with the G5, but it instead ended up with a sales disaster that proved a poor match for the dominant performance of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. The LG G5 fiasco also resulted in executive shuffling in the company’s mobile division.

LG doesn’t want another failure on its hands, so it’s hoping to restore some luster to its mobile operations with the launch of the G6. According to a fresh report out of South Korea, LG is moving start of production for the G6 forward by up to a month, and will reportedly announce the smartphone at the end of February.

It also reported that LG’s ambitious, but ultimately failed attempt at a modular design is being scrapped with the G6. The G5’s modular system required the smartphone to be powered off to swap modules, and the few modules that were released didn’t exactly blow our socks off (read the HotHardware review of the LG G5 here). We doubt many people will be upset to see the feature ditched on the LG G6, and those who want modular functionality can look to the far superior system used on the Moto Z family of smartphones.

lg g6

In other LG G6 news, the first diagram of the flagship smartphone has leaked to the internet. The source for the images has provided reliable information on previous LG and Samsung flagship smartphones, so we’re hopeful that this new information is accurate as well. While the G6 is expected to retain many of the same design cues as its predecessor, it’s said to be ever so slightly narrower — measuring in at 72.43mm versus 73.9mm — and a little bit slimmer.

As for hardware choices, all of that information it up in the air. However, we can expect to see either a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 or Snapdragon 835 processor running the show and at least 6GB of RAM onboard. Whatever the case, LG will once again face stiff competition -- this time in the form of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

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