LG G5 Courts Modular-Crazed DIY Gurus With High-Scoring Teardown Report Card

LG G5 2
Who doesn’t love a good gadget teardown? Luckily, we have the folks over a iFixit to do all the dirty work by unscrewing and ungluing all of the latest gadget so that we can see what makes them tick inside. Today, the teardown crew set their sights on the LG G5, and thankfully, the device scores high on the repairability scale.

For starters the G5 makes use of LM201 aluminum alloy, which is a step up from the polycarbonate exterior that has been employed by its predecessor. And the modular nature of the G5 presents itself right away, as a simple press of a button on the side of the phone deploys the modular bay which holds the removable battery. With most OEMs switching to integrated batteries, it’s nice to see that LG is still looking out for those that prefer to swap batteries than hunt around for a power outlet when your phone’s charge get low.

LG G5 iFixit 2

Speaking of the battery, you’ll find 2800 mAh unit, which is actually larger than the non-removable battery that you’ll find in the comparable iPhone 6s Plus, but 200 mAh less than the preceding LG G4. The module that actually holds the battery has an aluminum back that matches the finish of the smartphone and a plastic front — but that’s small potatoes compared to what await us ahead.

The iFixit team turned its attention towards the G5, and thankfully, removing the display is as simple as removing two tiny screws and navigating around some display clips. And with that, the display lifts up to reveal the G5’s innards. With the display gone, most of the other components of the smartphone are easily accessible including the various buttons, the camera modules and the motherboard.

LG G5 iFixit 3

There’s not much else to relay unfortunately, as LG has made G5 teardowns so easy that even a caveman could do it. It’s also nice of LG not to slather glue all over major components which invariably makes teardowns a chore on competing smartphones; however, there is some glue on the module covers which is just a minor irritation. The biggest knock against the G5 according to iFixit its fused display assembly, which makes replacing it a more expensive proposition.

LG G5 iFixit

But with the said, the LG G5 scored 8 out of 10 on the repairability meter, which is high praise for a modern smartphone that will likely take more than a few tumbles during its lifetime.

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