LG's New Earbuds Gain Head Tracking Spatial Audio For Smarter Sound Immersion

 LG T90 and T60 earbuds

LG Electronics has expanded its Tone Free true wireless earbuds family today. A new flagship design appears in the form of the LG T90 earbuds, which feature several advances, including the headlining head tracking functionality from Dolby, improved active noise cancellation (ANC), better ergonomics, and  graphene enhanced 'Dynamic 11' drivers for deeper bass. Also new are the LG T60 earbuds, which are based on the same drivers, but a few advanced features have been snipped to appeal to lower budgets.

The new flagship LG T90’s most interesting new feature is undoubtedly the Dolby Head Tracking support. LG says that the T90s are the first wireless earbuds in the world to offer this experience. When activated, Dolby Head Tracking adjust the soundscape as users move their heads, delivering a more natural positional sound experience. Thanks to this feature, users will feel like they are in the center of the scene and enjoy greater immersion in music, movies, or video gaming, says LG. Moreover, it is claimed Dolby Head Tracking works with Dolby Atmos content to enhance detail, depth and clarity. It seems that head tracking spatial audio is now a firm feature on folks’ wish lists, as Apple, Beats, and Samsung all offer earbuds boasting this or similar features. Google is also getting ready to jump on the head tracking audio bandwagon.

LG has redesigned the driver in both sets of new earbuds. The 'Dynamic 11' drivers are larger, which facilitates deeper bass. Complementing this character, graphene is used in the construction for minimal unwanted vibrations plus dynamic, crisp audio reproduction.

Another advanced audio quality technology in the T90s comes courtesy of the Snapdragon Sound Technology Suite. Qualcomm’s technology provides 24-bit / 96kHz high-resolution audio, wirelessly, at low latency. Snapdragon Sound is claimed to rival wired headphone quality and also provides microphone capabilities for wireless voice calls and gaming.

Active Noise Cancellation is a popular feature, and you will find both Double Step ANC Algorithm and Real Time ANC Optimizer in the LG T90s. The former has a new filter with a higher sampling rate, and the latter uses internal mics to analyze and adjust ANC performance.

 LG T90 and T60 earbuds specs

You can see further comparative specs of the new LG T90 and T60 earbuds, above. LG will start to roll out the refreshed Tone Free earbuds in major markets worldwide towards the end of the month. The previous LG flagship Tone Free FP9 earbuds currently sell for $139.99, and we hope LG isn’t planning to venture into any higher price range.