LG Display Embeds Intel WiDi Tech Directly Into 23.8-Inch LCD Monitor

Intel's Wireless Display technology, also known as WiDi, hasn't exactly taken off the way Bluetooth has, but it's still a blossoming protocol that has the chance to eliminate wire usage in the display market. More and more laptops are shipping with WiDi support from the factory, and now, LG Display has developed the world's first WiDi-enabled LCD panel for desktop monitors.

The new 23.8" LCD panel allows users to stream wirelessly from their laptop and desktop content to their TVs and monitors in a more seamless manner. The company managed to build a key chipset right into the LCD module, essentially embedding WiDi rather than bolting it on. “LG Display’s latest development brings us closer to the N-Screen era,” said Sang-Yeol Kim, Vice President of LG Display’s IT and Mobile Product Planning Division. “Through our close collaboration with Intel Corporation, we look forward to pioneering the age of wireless devices with our global partners.”

There's no word on a price nor a release date, but it'll be showcased at IDF this week in California.