LG Developing Firefox Phone For Release Sometime in 2014

Mozilla may have found an ally in LG, a major player in the smartphone market. During an interview with Bulgarian online outlet Dnevnik.bg, LG's mobile communications boss in Bulgaria, Dimitar Valev, spoke about his company's future endeavors, including plans to launch a mobile handset based on Mozilla's Firefox OS.

Valev said the South Korean handset maker will make a concerted effort to increase its brand image and cost effectiveness. That means being conservative in the ultra competitive tablet field where LG isn't an established player, though the company does plan to launch a slate eventually.

Firefox OS Billboard

In the meantime, LG will continue to make Android phones, will explore diving into Windows Phone territory, and as mentioned already, will launch a Firefox phone "most likely in the first quarter of 2014." The projected launch time frame gives LG an opportunity to see how consumers react to Firefox OS and the devices built around the open source platform.

This isn't a complete shocker. LG first announced support for Firefox OS at the Mobile World Congress in February. Like then, details about the actual hardware are nonexistent at this point.