LG Demos A 77-Inch 4K OLED TV With A See-Through Display And It’s Freaking Wild

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LG was beyond transparent when introducing its 77-inch Signature OLED T television at CES 2024. The company says the OLED TV will launch sometime in 2024, with pricing yet to be announced.

Companies are always searching for unique and creative ways to push the boundaries of the products they are producing in order to stay ahead of the competition. Whether it be a mammoth TV, or one that takes advantage of AI capabilities in a new and exciting way, the market has become flooded with all sorts of options for those seeking the ultimate in entertainment. LG’s Signature OLED T television is no different, offering an innovative alternative in how a TV screen is seen, or in this case, not seen.

Frank Lee, Home Entertainment Brand Communication at LG Electronics, remarked at the presentation, “Allow me to introduce you to LG Signature OLED T, the world’s first 4k wireless, transparent, OLED TV.”

LG presented its OLED T television in spectacular fashion, showcasing how the screen can easily blend in with what is behind it. The TV, with an image of the moon on its screen, moved across the stage at CES, with a large screen behind it displaying a body of water, with the night sky filled with stars above it. The presentation highlighted how LG’s transparent screen can serve as an astonishing piece of art, while still being capable of displaying what a typical television screen is meant to show.

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The OLED T also comes with LG’s Zero Connect Box, which allows the TV to wirelessly receive audio and video from another source up to 30-feet away with a line of sight. This allows potential owners to clear up the usual clutter of cords that come with owning a TV these days. LG says it will offer a standalone version, as well as a wall-mounted option, both offering backlights that can be turned off for times when someone wants the feel of transparency.

The brain of the OLED T is an LG Alpha 11 AI processor, which is said to offer up to four times the performance of the company’s previous processors. The OLED T also has integrated down firing speakers, or owners can choose to use the Zero Connect Box hooked to a home theater sound system.

Being that LG’s OLED R television, which has a display that rolls down into a box in the surface below, cost $100,000 at launch, those hoping to put an OLED T in their home might need to start saving now.
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