Let's Start A Deathpool For 15" Monitor Size. I Call 2009.

LCD monitors are getting bigger and more affordable. Likewise LCD televisions. Although slightly more expensive, the LCD monitors are competing against TVs now, as their increased functionality makes up for their slightly higher prices. Digitimes does some research into the near future and and predicts who'll be buying what and how much it will cost.

Worlwide LCD monitor shipments are expected to reach 158 million units in 2007, with the 19-inch widescreen segment to grow the most in terms of shipment share percetage, according to DisplaySearch. In 2008, the segment will become the mainstream size in the monitor market, the research firm reported. Share for 20-inch-and-larger monitors will also continue growing in the next few years, DisplaySearch noted. By 2008, the 20-inch-and-below and 22- to 29-inch segments will drop to account for 16.6% and 12%, respectively, of overall LCD TV shipments, compared to 27.1% and 17.6%, respectively, in 2006, said the research firm.

HotHardware has a favorite longstanding piece of computer advice: There is no better upgrade than a bigger monitor. How big is big in 2008 ?

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