Leopard Lost Its Wireless Backup

When a new operating system is announced, it often has a long list of features that will attract potential customers.  Unfortunately, not all of those features end up making the final cut.  Sometimes the missing feature(s) are as underlying as a new file system, but other times it is a missing utility that provides some non-vital function to most consumers.

For example: Leopard was supposed to ship with a wireless backup utility.  Here's the initial product description of the wireless backup utility:

"With a hard disk connected to your AirPort Extreme Base Station, all the Macs in your house can use Time Machine to back up wirelessly," read an earlier description of the feature on the company's website. "Simply select your AirPort Disk as the backup disk for each computer and the whole family can enjoy the benefits of Time Machine."

Hopefully this will find its way into an update somewhere down the road, though we can't help but wonder if this is more for incremental backups than an entire drive/array back up.
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