Lenovo's Horizon Table PC Gets Decorated As A Treehouse

At first, we had to double check our calendars to ensure that it wasn't the dawn of April. Nope -- this one's the real deal. Lenovo's Horizon Table PC is already a pretty unique take on the tablet + oversized sit-down desktop, but it's about to get even more so. Lenovo today introduced three new table concepts that are meant to house the Horizon Table PC. The company is showcasing the commissioned custom table designs – "The Treehouse" built for the 21st century playroom, "The Nest" for the modern living room and "AT-UM" for the digital workshop at the 25th annual International Contemporary Furniture Fair. The image shown here is the Treehouse. And yes, that's what a Horizon Table PC would look like if you suited it for use for The Hunger Games.

Here's Lenovo's own take on it: "Peter Pan and Robinson Crusoe's forts have nothing on this 21st century treehouse. Designed by Judson Beaumont of Straight Line Designs, the Treehouse creates a magical world of whimsy to bring children and people of all ages together. Beaumont's inspiration sprang from the Horizon's roots in family-oriented games. Always looking to bend straight lines, Beaumont crafted the Treehouse to pair two seemingly separate objects into one seamless piece filled with personality.

"When I first learned about the Horizon and what it could do, I imagined excited children gathered around it," said Judson Beaumont, Straight Line Designs. "Technology has become an important part of everyday living, and this design showcases Horizon's ability to interact with children and people of all ages, enabling them to discover, create and play. Much more than a piece of furniture, the Treehouse is an extension of creativity and fun with a secret hiding spot underneath for toys; a child's dreams come true."

Lenovo won't be selling the custom design, but it's encouraging interested parties to ping the designers for pricing. Something tells us a job like this wouldn't be cheap.
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