Lenovo's 11.6" Windows 8-Based ThinkPad Helix Tablet Arrives At FCC

With CES 2013 just around the bend, a few of the fancier items are beginning to surface early courtesy of FCC filings that are being unearthed. Generally speaking, a product destined for a U.S. reveal will scurry through the FCC's testing lair just days or weeks prior to its official announcement. And that seems to be the chain of events that is unfolding with this particular Lenovo tablet. The image here shows an FCC image of what can only be assumed as the ThinkPad Helix. It's a unique form factor tablet that didn't ever really seem destined for U.S. shores.

But now, thanks to radio tests in the associated filing, that seems to no longer be the case. It appears that the 11.6", Windows 8-based slate will soon ship with support for AT&T's LTE bands in the United States, which essentially guarantees that it'll officially debut at either CES or MWC in the coming weeks. It's a dockable unit that should cater to those who actually need to get "real work" done on their tablet, and with LTE onboard, that work shouldn't be held up by a sluggish mobile broadband connection.

There's little else to be found in the filing, but we're sure Lenovo will happily spill the beans on the rest of this thing's capabilities in due time. Looks like that Christmas cash pile just got a reason to be spent.