Lenovo Smart Display Updated With Google Home Hub Features Like Home View

Puffin picture Lenovo Smart Display
The Lenovo Smart Display (read the HotHardware review here) may have been one of the first true Google Assistant-based devices with a large touch display attached, but the new kid on the block is the Google Home Hub. Google's 7-inch device has garnered quite a bit of attention over the past few weeks for its sleek Home View, full integration with the Nest Hello Doorbell (among other perks) and its relatively low price.

Today, we're learning that Lenovo is bringing some of that same Google Home Hub functionality to its own Smart Displays. New features that are being added to the 8- and 10-inch Lenovo Smart Displays include multi-room audio, which allows you to blast music throughout multiple rooms in your home. The aforementioned Home View and Nest Hello Doorbell support are also here along with Google Photos Live Albums.

Here are the full release notes from Lenovo regarding the v3.63.43 update:

Previewed at our recent Made by Google event, these new features will roll out to the entire family of Smart Displays over the next few weeks: 

  • With multi-room audio, you can add your Smart Display to a speaker group and play music throughout the house.
  • With Live Albums from Google Photos, your Ambient Mode will always show off the best photos of your favorite people and pets without you having to curate them. It will also make sure to pick your best photos, so that receipts, screenshots, duplicates, and blurry or sensitive photos will not appear on your Smart Display.
  • With Nest Hello Doorbell, your Smart Display will now show who is at the door when someone rings, and allows you to send quick responses.
  • With Home View, you can see and control all of your smart home devices in a single dashboard by swiping down from the top edge of your Smart Display. 
  • Your Google Assistant can now also control many popular media and entertainment devices, including TVs (Hisense, Philips, Sharp, Sony, Vizio, Xiaomi), set top boxes (Dish, Foxtel, NVIDIA SHIELD, Sling, Vodafone), speakers (Denon), smart remotes (Logitech Harmony) with many more coming soon from Caavo, LG, Panasonic, Roku, Telus, and Telstra. Enjoy universal controls to power devices on and off, adjust playback/volume, and browse a visual channel guide—all by touch or by voice on your Smart Display.

The Lenovo Smart Display 8 and Smart Display 10 are available for $199.99 and $249.99 respectively. For reference, the 7-inch Google Home Hub is priced at $149.99. If you haven't already received the update, expect to see it within the next few weeks.