Lenovo Phab2 Pro Arrives In November As World’s First Project Tango AR Phone

This past June, Lenovo invited select press to an event in San Francisco where the company unveiled two upcoming products: Phab2 Pro, and Moto Z. We took a look at the (seriously awesome) Moto Z a couple of months ago, and now, we have the Phab2 Pro to look forward to next month.

We'd understand it if you felt a little bored of mobile releases lately, because there's just so many of them, and it's sometimes hard to figure out the true differences between one model and another. But Phab2 Pro is worth your attention, as it will become the first commercially-available phone built on Google's Tango platform.

PHAB2 Pro 4

The key takeaway from that is that AR will be a major focus, and will be made possible with the help of Google's depth-sensing 3D camera system. Normal cameras are not going to be able to accurately measure rooms or understand depth of the various objects within, but Google's camera system will. It's worth noting that Intel's RealSense has similar goals, although up to this point, it hasn't found mainstream success.

While the high-end camera in the Phab2 Pro is sure to grab people's attention, if there's one thing that holds people back from wanting one, it's the phone's monstrous 6.4-inch frame. In a world where many find 5.5-inch phones a bit too large, a 6.4-inch one is on another level.

If the Phab2 Pro intrigues you, you might want to set aside ~$499 USD right now, as that's what it's expected to cost when it launches next month. Bonus: it's unlocked, right out-of-the-gate.