Lenovo Legion Go Gaming Handheld Leak Reveals Switch-Like Controller

hero lenovo mobile handheld
It seems Lenovo is jumping into the gaming handheld arena with its very own Legion Go. New leaked images show the device in all its glory, sporting detachable controllers like the Nintendo Switch.

The mobile gaming landscape has begun to get more crowded over the last couple of years. Nintendo seemed to own the market initially, but with the release of new contenders such as Valve's Steam Deck, the ASUS ROG Ally, and Ayaneo's handhelds, gamers looking for a mobile gaming experience have reason to rejoice. Now, it seems Lenovo could finally be ready to throw its hat into the ring, as leaked images show what is reported to be the Lenovo Go.

lenovo mobile handheld controllers disconnected

With so much new competition in the mobile gaming industry, one may wonder what Lenovo could have up its sleeve to set it apart. Well, one of the most notable features sets it apart from all but one of its competitors, that being the ability to remove the controllers, like on a Nintendo Switch. This could be an attractive alternative to those who want a more powerful handheld than the Switch, but don't want to sacrifice the ability to detach the controllers for a more comfortable gaming experience.

Another aspect of the Lenovo Go is that it is said to be able to run Windows 11, according to WindowsReport. This could be a huge win for Lenovo, as the device is also reported to be getting AMD's new powerful Phoenix processor. Being able to have a potent gaming device and the ability to use Windows 11 could influence some gamers to give the Lenovo handheld, well, a go.

lenovo handheld back view

A couple of other things to note about the design are that it has a similar joystick, button layout, and triggers to an Xbox controller, as well as a touchpad similar to the Steam Deck. Air vents can be seen on the back side of the device, along with a kickstand that can be used to place the device on a flat surface.

All in all, the Lenovo Go looks to be taking all that is good from its competitors and packing it into one device. If everything holds true, it could give the Steam Deck and ROG Ally a run for their money.

Images Credit: Windows Report