Legislation Proposes ESRB Plays Everygame It Rates

Currently, games are rated by the ESRB after they're sent a video showing the most graphic parts of a game. However, Republican Senator Sam Brownback is proposing that the ESRB play each and every game before slapping a rating on it. While it may seem like a good idea, to fully examine a game's content before making a decision on it, many of todays games contain hours upon hours of gameplay, which could dramatically increase the time it takes for a game to be released. Is it really necessary, or just overkill?

"The thing that bothers me about all this noise (and it is noise) is that the ESRB is already doing a good job. There has been one issue with the Hot Coffee scandal and one case of rerating with Oblivion, but contrast that with the thousands of games that get released every year with no problem. Making very rare issues high-profile only to cite them as examples that the system is broken is a pretty shoddy way to try to force legislation on games."