Leggo My Keybo'!

OK, it's actually a 'typewriter' not a true keyboard, but it's still a waffle iron too.  Who could really call him/her-self a true geek without a keyboard / typewriter waffle iron in their kitchen?  Today we get our 
"There's no need to spell out why this waffle iron rocks harder than most. Fleeing the cubicle for the kitchen, this iron lets you cook up a keyboard of tasty carbs every morning. Designed by Chris Dimino as part of a group exhibit for the School of Visual Arts, the typewriter iron represents the best of reinvention: an obsolete product, minimally modified, is given a completely new function."
It's only a mater of time until some online outfit starts selling these like hot cakes.  Would you buy one or are you holding out for the Mac Classic goldfish bowl?
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