Leap Motion Opens Beta to Devs Ahead of July 22 Leap Motion Controller Launch

Leap Motion has making a bit of noise in the computer industry, snagging a partnership with ASUS to bundle its controller with PCs, getting it onto Best Buy shelves, and embedding its technology into some HP PCs, but the company is still building up to its July 22nd release, when it will bring a polished version of the controller to consumers.

A host of compatible apps will accompany the release, it seems. Developers in the Leap Motion Controller beta program will be able to get busy working with the device for the next month or so. Leap Motion says that the number of developers is in the thousands, and they’ll be testing the controller and their software on Windows and Mac operating systems and working with Airspace, the Leap Motion “app discovery platform”.

Leap Motion

Devs will be able to scroll and click, and on Windows they’ll be able to open and navigate apps in the Metro interface. There’s also an orientation tutorial, which will help developers get a sense of the Leap Motion controller’s range and scope.

Leap Motion

Airspace home is the desktop launcher for Leap Motion’s apps (and so-enabled apps such as Google Earth), and users will be able to find and download apps the Airspace Store.