Leaked Photos Show Android-Based Nikon CoolPix S800C Smart Camera

It was only a matter of time before Android found its way onto cameras, and it appears as though that time has arrived. Nikon Rumors got their hands on some leaked product shots that clearly show a new CoolPix model running Android--which confirms what the site already said about the rumored device earlier this month.

Nikon CoolPix Android horizontal

The CoolPix S800 (or S800c) will likely feature 25-250mm lens, built-in GPS and WiFi, a 3.5-inch display, Android 2.3, and the ability to run Google Play apps. It appears from the photos that there will be at least two different models, and they’ll be available in black or white finishes.

Nikon CoolPix Android vertical

As you can see from the images, the front of these devices is unmistakably a camera, but the back bears more resemblance to a smartphone. In reality, it’s probably a nice hybrid of both; the camera lenses and mechanics should be far and above what you normally expect on a phone, but the Android (and Google Play Store) connection will ostensibly enable manufacturers to create apps as UIs, with regular updates to fix bugs or add functionality. One can also imagine the uses for any number of other image-related Android apps used directly on a camera.

Nikon CoolPix Android white

An official announcement from Nikon is expected around August 22nd.