Leaked Motorola Moto X4 Renders Flaunt Bangin' Curves And Mysterious Rear Smart Connectors

Motorola's been a bit quiet in the high-end smartphone market, though it looks as if the Lenovo-owned company is getting ready to make a splash with its fourth generation Moto X. Some leaked renders of the forthcoming Moto X4 suggest and all-metal construction with a curvy top and bottom, along with something interesting on the its backside.

Towards the bottom of the rear are two rows of dots. They almost look like speaker holes, except the series of gold contacts suggests they'll be used to connect to a smart dock, possibly one that can charge the handset and/or offer additional functionality. They might also be used for a series of accessories.

Motorola Moto X4

The Moto X4 isn't out yet nor has it been formally introduced, though Motorola's already being criticized for the rather large camera bump that's seen in the renders. There's a large circle near the top of the rear that noticeably protrudes from the handset. It looks similar to the face of a Moto 360 smartwatch, but instead of time keeping functions and Android Wear tricks, it contains a camera sensor with dual LED flash.

Outside of the camera bump, the Moto X4 doesn't deviate a whole lot from Apple's overall iPhone design, at least in appearance. The Moto X4 isn't a carbon copy of the iPhone 6, but it looks similar enough that comparisons are inevitable. Motorola even ditched its volume rocker for separate volume up and down buttons, though they're on the right side of the Moto X just below the power button. On the iPhone 6, the volume buttons are on the left and the power button is on the right.

On of the face of the Moto X4 is a square-shaped home button that presumably sports a built-in fingerprint sensor. It sits in between two black dots that could be IR blasters or proximity sensors. A speaker and front-facing camera sit at the top.

Rumor has it Motorola will announce the Moto X4 in July.
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