Leaked iPhone 8 Drawings Show 4mm Bezels All Around With Touch ID Under Display

Apple faced some criticism over the release of its iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus handsets for not doing enough to separate the newest flagships from the previous generation models. Fair enough, but with the 10th anniversary of the iPhone coming up and Apple planning to release the iPhone 8 to coincide with it, there is a reasonable expectation that it will not be just another incremental upgrade, a notion that is backed up by leaked renderings.

Twitter user KK Sneak Leaks, a frequent resident of China's Weibo social network, posted some renderings of what he claims is the iPhone 8, or iPhone Edition, as Apple may end up calling it. The renderings show a rectangular handset with curved corners similar to the iPhone, but with barely any bezels on the sides, top, and bottom. According to the measurements provided, the bezels measure a scant 4mm all the way around.

Apple iPhone 8 Rendering
Source: Twitter (KK Sneak Leaks)

The full measured of the device is 137.54 mm tall by 67.54 mm wide, which is also similar to the iPhone 7 at 138.3 mm x 67.1 mm. There is no mention of thickness.

Assuming the drawings are accurate, it appears Apple wants to retain the same overall shape and feel of the iPhone 7, but make more use of the physical space for the display. It also look like the glass screen will be curved around the edges before disappearing into the handset's frame. A previous rumor pegged LG as the one building the curved OLED display for the iPhone 8.

Apple iPhone 8 Touch ID
Source: Twitter (KK Sneak Leaks)

With this new design, Apple would be taking a page from Samsung in eliminating a physical Home button. In place of it will be a Touch ID sensor embedded into the display. Rumor has it Apple is having a bit of trouble getting an embedded Touch ID sensor to work as expected, so the final design of the iPhone 8 could instead move the sensor to the rear of the device, an orientation that is becoming increasingly popular.

Another distinction of the iPhone 8's design is the rear camera. The rendering shows two camera lenses sandwiching an LED flash stacked vertically in the upper left corner. There is speculation that separating the two camera lenses in such a manner could help with augmented reality chores and any other 3D features that be implemented into the iPhone 8.