Leaked Google Pixel Watch Images Highlight A Sleek Bezel-Less Design

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The Google Pixel 6 phones are about to get a companion in the form of a bezel-less smartwatch according to leaked photos. The leaked images that are purported to be marketing images from Google show the bezel-free watch in all its glory.

The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro launched not too long ago and received a mostly warm welcome from customers and reviewers. While there have been a few bumps in the road since launch, such as a finicky under the screen fingerprint sensor, most of the issues have since been fixed with software updates. Now Google is setting its sights on entering the already crowded smartwatch arena with a reported launch of the Pixel Watch in Q1 of 2022. Google seems to want to take on the Goliath of smartwatches, Apple, starting with a bezel-less design.

The idea that Google was looking to make a smartwatch was talked about some eight months ago on YouTube channel Front Page Tech (FPT) and its host John Prosser. At that time the channel showed renders of what the watch was supposed to look like according to the information it had been given, including a bezel-less watch face. Now the same YouTube channel is stating it has gotten its hands on some leaked photos that show Google marketing images for the smartwatch in its official form. Again, the leaked photos show the Pixel Watch to have the same bezel-less design as before.

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Image Source: Front Page Tech

Unlike the prior 3D CAD renders shown eight months ago, the most recent images are supposed to be actual marketing renders from Google. In the images you can see the round bezel-less design with a crown on the right side and possibly a microphone. In one image the watch is shown sporting the Google Maps app, while another seems to show the watches UI.

9to5Google pointed out that it is possible the images being leaked now by FPT are the same images it used to make renders eight months ago. If this is true, then the images we are seeing today are at least eight months old and the design could have changed in that time frame. This is not to say the Google Pixel Watch will not look the same as these images, but is just a cautionary note. It was also recently reported that the watch would feature a round face with no physical bezel. So, all things are pointing to this being the case right now.

As far as when the Pixel Watch will launch, FPT says it will be in Q1 of 2022. This has not been confirmed by Google, but all other reports seem to think it will be in 2022 at some point. If you are the owner of a Pixel phone and are looking to get a new smartwatch, or upgrade your current one, you might want to hold off a couple of months to see if Google does actually launch its Pixel watch in the next few months.

The watch, which has been reported by several outlets to have been codenamed "Rohan," is supposed to be accompanied by proprietary watch straps as well. And knowing Google there will also be features that will be exclusive to Pixel phone owners, much like Apple and Samsung do with its smartwatches. It will be interesting to see how well the Google Pixel Watch will fair in an already crowded smartwatch market. It does have the advantage over some in that it will have its Pixel phone cohorts to pair with, like Apple and Samsung do. Hopefully the watch does launch in Q1 so we can put an end to all the rumors and leaks and finally get our hands on it.

Top Image Source: Front Page Tech