Leaked Destiny 2 Poster Touts Public Beta And September Release Date

Destiny 2 may be headed to a retail launch on September 8, 2017. That is what leaked photos of a Destiny 2 poster indicate, anyway. The photos were obtained by an Italian retailer and supposedly originate from a GameStop store in Italy. Whether that is true or not, what is really of interest here is the supposed launch date.

Sources who spoke with Eurogamer insist the poster is real. They also say that developer Bungie will have a beta ready by June, with PlayStation 4 players having early access. It is not clear if the beta and/or retail launch applies worldwide, to the United States, or just in Europe. In any event, here is a look at the poster:

Destiny 2 Poster

NEOGaf user "josecitoxnyo" also posted a picture of the Destiny 2 poster, which more clearly indicates the September 8 launch but doesn't mention anything about a beta. Have a look:

Destiny 2 Poster

These are likely legitimate photos. When talking about its quarterly financial results last month, Activision mentioned that Destiny 2 would arrive this year. It was also hinted (though not confirmed) that there would be a PC version.

As to Destiny 2's game play, Activision mentioned the sequel having a "great cast of memory, relatable characters" and a "cinematic storyline." The company also stated that Destiny 2 will more accessible to casual gamers.
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