League of Legends Goes Into Berserker Mode With 100 Million Active Users

League of Legends just reached a major milestone. 100 million people now actively play the world’s most popular online game on a monthly basis. This means that more people around the globe play League of Legends than stream movies and television shows on streaming services like Netflix.

Riot Games co-founder Brandon “Ryze” Beck, remarked, “It was all about pouring everything we could into that competitive experience to make it as good as it could possibly be. We’ve kind of been in a reactionary mode. Just like, holy crap, the game is getting really big and we have to keep up with the demands of our players.”

The company behind League of Legends, Riot Games, earns about $1 billion USD a year. The game is free to download, however, Riot Games makes money from in-game transactions. Purchases include champions, champion skins, ward skins, summoner icons, and certain multi-game boosts.

The fame of League of Legends has increased alongside the popularity of eSports. The eSports market is expected to net at least half a billion dollars in global revenue this year. ESPN, Time Warner, and other major telecommunications companies and networks have started to show eSports events and tournaments online and on television. Last year's League of Legends world championship attracted roughly 4.2 million viewers.


League of Legends is multiplayer online battle arena game that debuted on October 27th, 2009. In the game, players assume the role of an unseen "summoner" that controls a "champion". Champions battle against one another and work to destroy the other team’s nexus or central structure.

The game has been incredibly popular almost since its release. In July 2012 it was reported that League of Legends was the most played PC game in North America and Europe. The game is also incredibly popular in Asian Internet cafés. It is estimated that 5% of the population of Taiwan, or 1 million, play League of Legends.