Latest R580 News

Today, we've seen a few interesting bits of news show up on the web concerning ATI's next-generation R580 flagship GPU. The Register reports that Japanese vendors already have the cards on hand and that a note inside the boxes claims some pretty serious power requirements. On its own, a single R580 card requires a 450W PSU with 30A on the 12V rail. When two cards are in a Crossfire configuration, your system will need a power supply with at least 550W and a whopping 38A on the 12V rail. Yet another somewhat surprising rumor comes from The Inquirer and states that the R580 All In Wonder card will be equipped with 256MB of memory. Although this seems more than adequate for the time being, this certainly seems like an unwelcomed constraint once taxing new games come out that can utilize the 512MB of memory currently found on all flagship graphics cards.

And we can now confirm that the official name of the new AIW card is All in Wonder X1900 PCIe 256MB. It does not come as a huge surprise and this card will support 256MB only. It would be very hard to put the whole 512MB together with two TV tuners on this rather packed card.
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