Latest Google Chrome Beta Offers ‘Hands-Free’ Voice Search Feature

In the next few days, you’ll be able to control Google searches on the Chrome browser using only your voice, as the latest Chrome beta brings this capability to Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

In a new tab, you can simply say, “Ok Google” and then speak your search. Beyond that, you can also tell Google to perform actions, which is arguably an even more compelling feature. For example, a Google Chrome blog post suggests you could say “Ok Google, set a timer for 30 minutes” or create a Google Now reminder with “Ok Google, remind me to pick up dessert at 6pm tonight”.

Chrome voice search

To enable the new feature, click the microphone icon in your Google search bar and click the Enable “Ok Google” button.

Google Chromebook Pixel
Google Chromebook Pixel

Along with the new voice features, the latest Chrome beta includes a supervised users feature. Essentially, it’s a parental control measure that lets you allow, block, and manage website permissions for any users under your “supervision”.