Latest Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Trailer Gives Us A Multiplayer Deep Dive

Last month, we were given a quick preview of what to expect from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's multiplayer, and given the introduction of a power jump, it became clear that the game wasn't going to be typical CoD fare. With the just-released "deep dive" trailer, we can really see that this is the case. In fact, multiplayer in Advanced Warfare is so different from previous titles, that diehard fans might even have trouble warming up to it.

For starters, a major mechanic in Advanced Warfare is "Boost", which consists of Jump (which we talked about in the last post), Dodge, Slide, Dash, and Slam. With Dodge, you can burst a short distance in any direction, while Dash allows you to change directions while in the air. Slide is just as it sounds - you slide ahead, a skill that apparently works brilliantly alongside Jump. Finally, Slam is an air-to-ground melee attack.

These mechanics alone help differentiate this CoD from the others, but we're just getting started. There's also an "Exo" system, which involves your exoskeleton. With it, you can equip various perks, like Shield, Overclock, Stim, Cloak, Hover, Ping, and Trophy System. Most of those are self-explanatory, with Ping and Trophy System being the exceptions. The video doesn't go into detail about what Ping does, but Trophy System will allow you to deflect up to 2 enemy projectiles. In the case that a grenade is thrown at you, Trophy System will automatically bounce it off of you, back towards the enemy (or some other direction).

Yet another added mechanic is "Launcher", an on-arm device that can shoot various grenades quickly and easily. These include the classics, frag, smoke, semtex, and EMP, but also adds threat grenades and a tracking drone (drones are all the rage right now, after all).

In terms of customization, it's being said that Advanced Warfare gives us the greatest amount of flexibility in franchise history. Also, Black Ops 2's "Pick 10" becomes "Pick 13" here, allowing you to really go crazy with your loadout. Admittedly, I think 13 is a bit too generous, but again, this isn't typical CoD MP.

The shot seen below ties into the game's new loot system, called Supply Drop. This is a time-based mechanic that will automatically unlock certain equipment over time. To make this mechanic even more alluring, each item unlocked will have three rarities, although I assume the rarity drop is based on time, not randomization.

Another neat feature is a virtual firing range that can be accessed between matches. With it, you can quickly test out new loadouts - a helpful feature for when the delay between matches is quite long. Also cool is the virtual lobby, which allows you to actually see the competition you're up against, along with their exact loadouts.

Believe it or not, despite all I've written here, it doesn't cover all that the Advanced Warfare is bringing to multiplayer. I'd highly recommend watching the video if you can, so that you can gain an appropriate understanding of what's en route.

I admit, as a CoD fan, this game has me a bit worried. In a way, I feel like all of these perks and other advanced features are a little "too much", where getting a kill streak is going to be more difficult than ever because of the sheer amount of weaponry everyone will have on tap. But like most things, it might be best to actually try it before summing it up. At least one thing's for sure: No one can realistically say that this is just the same ole Call of Duty.