Last Of Us PC Patch Brings A Ton Of Bug Fixes And Framerate Optimization To Rocky Port

Character sneaking in the snow in The Last of Us Part I.
Sony Interactive released The Last of Us Part I on Windows right around a month ago and in that time, developer Naughty Dog has issued no less than seven patches specific to the PC port. The latest one—version—addresses a bunch of issues across a variety of hardware, including AMD systems and the Steam Deck, and squeezes in some noteworthy optimizations to boot.

It's fair to say this hasn't been Sony or Naughty Dog's finest hour. The initial release saw The Last Of Us Part I drowning in negative reviews on Steam with gamers calling it a "shoddy port" and unaffectionately nicknaming it "Crash Simulator."

Since then, however, Naughty Dog has worked tirelessly to iron out the wrinkles by averaging almost two patches for week, and that's just counting the PC updates. This latest one takes aim at optimizing performance and crushing more bugs.

"This update includes framerate optimization, graphical and texture fidelity, crash fixes, and more. We will be releasing additional CPU optimization, framerate and texture fidelity improvements in upcoming patches," Naughty Dog states in the patch notes.

Screenshot from The Last of Us Part I.

Some of the tweaks are a little vague, such as "optimized CPU and GPU use throughout the game," while others offer up a bit more detail. For example, Naughty Dog notes that the patch improves texture fidelity and resolution on in-game Low and Medium graphics settings, as well as improves graphical fidelity on the Low graphics preset. In particular, the developer says "water surfaces no longer appear black" with the patch in place.

The developer also outlines fixes for numerous crash issues, including ones that might occur during shader building, quitting to the main menu, or when dying after combat. Naughty Dog also mentions a fix where aiming downward while using keyboard and mouse controls may increase camera sensitivity.

There are a couple of fixes that are specific to AMD users. They include...
  • Fixed a crash that may occur on AMD CPUs with affinity limited to X3D cores
  • Fixed an issue where textures may render incorrectly on AMD GPUs
Additionally, Naughty Dog stomped out a bug on the Steam Deck where resetting the display settings to default no longer enabled AMD FRS 2. And for Steam users in general, the developer fixed a bug that was preventing the "It Can't Be For Nothing" achievement from triggering.

There are other fixes and improvements outlined in the patch notes as well. It's not the biggest patch to date, but it is quite substantial in scope. More work remains, however, as the list of known issues still includes some nagging problems, such as shader load times taking too long, performance quirks, and more.