Laptop And PC Peripheral Sales Skyrocket Due To COVID-19 Work From Home Requirements

work from home laptop
Earlier today we wrote about how the Nintendo Switch has been in short supply in recent weeks due to the COVID-19/coronavirus crunch. With more people staying home instead of going into the office or school, there’s a lot more time for leisure activities – including gaming.

However, for those that are now working solely from home instead of the office – some for the first time in their careers – they’re finding it hard to adapt. The difficulty with transitioning to working from home doesn’t just stem from the change of work atmosphere, but also from finding the proper hardware to complete their daily work duties. 

Many workers are looking for laptops, desktops, and additional monitors to remain just as productive as if they were sitting in their office or cubicle. But they are finding that the necessary equipment just isn’t in stock. "As many of our customers' working environments have been dramatically impacted with a significant shift to at-home work, Staples stores have seen an increased demand for computers, monitors and technology," said Michael Hurwitz, who serves as Vice President of GMM Merchandising for office supply store Staples.

Quite simply, a significant portion of the American workforce are in the market for the same types of equipment… at the exact same time. It’s an unprecedented event that retail locations haven’t experienced before and quite frankly [and understandably] weren’t equipped to handle.

"It's impossible to know how many people needed laptops immediately, but there are at least 50 million people Wedbush Securities digital media analyst, in an e-mailed statement to MT Newswires. "Most either have desktops at home or have work laptops, but it's entirely plausible that demand spiked by 5 million in the last few weeks."

Even the always reliable Amazon is having trouble keeping up with demand when it comes to PCs and accessories. This is not only compounded by increased demand from quarantined workers, but also due to the fact that Amazon is prioritizing the shipping of critical supplies that Americans need.

And talking with our sources at PC maker Dell, the company is reporting that its laptops are mostly sold out at its retail partners’ brick and mortar locations. It’s instead recommending instead that customers turn to purchasing laptops and desktops online, which could add some lag time due to shipping. It’s not exactly ideal if you need a machine right now for work, but it’s better than going without, and also going against stay at home advisories or state orders, while we all live through the coronavirus major headache turned pandemic.