Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Halftime Show To Fly In Face Of The FAA With Hundreds Of Drones In The Sky

Given how popular drones are nowadays, it's becoming more common to see them put to use in new and imaginative ways. Unfortunately, folks don't always know where and when it's safe to fly them. In some cases, users might know, but still disregard the rules put in place for safety in the skies, and instead just take their chances anyway. And it just so happens Lady Gaga is a performer known for taking chances... 

Lady Gaga Performance

We learn today that the NFL might betray a no fly order from the FAA (as the organization has put in place in the past) at tonight's Super Bowl Half-Time show, though something tells us they probably have pre-clearance. Regardless, earlier this week, the Federal Aviation Administration declared that a 34.5 mile radius surrounding the Houston NRG stadium for Super Bowl LI is a "no drone zone", and well, this half-time show will allegedly have hundreds of them.

Apparently, Lady Gaga's halftime show, sponsored by Pepsi will feature the talented singer and entertainer performing with a drone-powered light show the likes of which we've never seen. This is first time drones will perform for a live TV event and the first time the robot aircraft will make an appearance in the Super Bowl. 

Something tells us Intel could be in on the act maybe as well, having recently demonstrated a large scale in-flight coordination of drones for an impressive light show of their own - though this is pure speculation on our part... 

The FAA's no fly zone restriction will be in effect from 4 p.m. to 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 5." As the halftime show should occur at around 7:30 - 8:00PM, the decision to launch hundreds of drones would certainly "fly in the face" of this ruling, so to speak but this is likely a case of do as I say, not as I do.

Either way, it's good to see the NFL continuing to bring Tech to Football fans everywhere.

Photo credit: Flickr Andrea Wilson