Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit Launches In September With Steering Wheel And Pedal

Nintendo has done something very cool with the Switch giving gamers of all ages the ability to build cardboard concoctions that can be used to control video games and software. We've seen a few of the Labo controllers so far including a motorcycle controller that could be used to control Mario Kart. Nintendo's third Labo kit has now been announced and it is something that fans of Mario Kart may find to be very appealing.

labo vehicle

The name of the kit is Toy-Con 03: Vehicle Kit and it sells for $69.99 and will launch September 14. What you get in the kit are the parts to build three different controllers for controlling vehicles in an island environment in the included software. You get to build a steering wheel, pedal controller, a joystick, and a controller for the submarine with a pair of spinning wheel-like appendages on each end.

The trailer for the new kit and software shows players harvesting gold, trees, and what appears to be rock harvesting or at least rock destroying. Mini games spied, albeit briefly, in the trailer include what appears to be a springy armed vehicle fighting game, races, and some sort of giant golf game.

Switching between the different vehicles in the game is done by slipping a key containing a Joy-Con controller into the different cardboard controller sections. A second key can also be used to invite a co-pilot to the fun with one player driving a car and using the flight stick to control a gun to shoot at targets from the car. The bit of string dangling from the side of the steering wheel with the loop on it activates a turbo boost.

We first talked about Labo when it was announced back in January. Mario Kart 8 gamers who didn’t like the thought of controlling that game with the motorcycle controller should feel much better about using the steering wheel. Support for Mario Kart isn’t called out but seems like a no-brainer.