Klipsch RVX-54, Chaintech AE6800 APOGEE, PowerColor Bravo X700 and More!

Klipsch RVX-54 Speaker System @ eCoustics:

"The RVX-54 home theater system speakers were designed from the ground up focusing on use within a flat panel home theater system. The height and depth of the RVX-54 speakers are a perfect complement to the slim design of modern plasma, DLP and LCD high definition units."

Chaintech AE6800 APOGEE (Turbo Version) @ Techniz:

"The Chaintech GeForce 6800 256MB PCI-Express graphic card is great mid range graphic card. The performance of this Chaintech GeForce 6800 256MB PCI-Express graphic card is out perform the GeForce 6600GT even the ATI X700 Pro. Beside that, the bundle was very good which including of a full game of the PainKiller. This VGA card is an overclock version of the 6800 series. It also comes with the NV VGA Silencer as the GPU Cooler."

PowerColor Bravo X700 PCI-e review at Bjorn3d.com:

"If you are looking for a mid-range card with passive cooling system, Tul is one of the companies that offer such solution on X700 based cards. With good performance in its class and okay bundle, PowerColor Bravo X700 is an interesting product to consider. The Silent Cooling System has proven to be a worthy addition, the passive solution performed marvelously and ran very cool."

The AOpen Home Theater PC @ Designtechnica:

"The ePCs are based on digital entertainment platforms which can fit ideally in different users environments," said Bernie Tsai, president of AOpen. "AOpen Media Center Server 400/410 is an ideal choice for the main living room, while AOpen XC REC6 is a model for the sitting room," Tsai elaborated. The various models of ePCs form AOpen's digital home entertainment solutions and are used in different scenarios. For example, the AOpen Media Center Server 400/410 is designed to look like your more traditional amplifier. You can store up to seven hard drives in this case as well as multiple TV tuners."