Kingston Puts HyperX Predator 2800MHz Memory Kits on the Hunt for Overclockers

Looking to inject your desktop PC with a stick (or four) of instant adrenaline? Kingston may have exactly what you're looking for. The memory maker just announced the addition of 2800MHz memory kits to its HyperX Predator product line of high-performance RAM for overclockers, enthusiasts, and power users in general.

If you're not familiar with Kingston's memory lines, the HyperX Predator family represents the fastest kits in the company's stable. Supplementing the breakneck speeds that HyperX Predator kits bring to the table are aggressive looking heatsinks to help dress up your desktop's interior.

HyperX Predator X

Each of the available kits is Intel XMP ready so that you can plug them into your motherboard's DIMM slots and overclock your system by selecting a profile in the BIOS. In addition, Kingston says that all HyperX Predator kits are fully tested and validated on a wide range of motherboards to ensure robust compatibility.

The HyperX Predator line is available in dual-channel and quad-channel kits ranging in capacity from 8GB to 16GB and frequencies from 1866MHz to 2800MHz. No word yet on when the 2800MHz RAM will be available to purchase or for how much.