Timber! This Killer Chainsaw Build PC Mod Rips Through Games With A GeForce RTX 3080

chainsaw pc
If you are looking forward to playing the upcoming Texas Chainsaw Massacre game, you really need this PC build to play it on. PC modder Staszek "Tips" Wiertelak has devised a killer chainsaw PC that even Leatherface would be jealous of.

PC mods can take on many different forms, as the people behind them pull the designs from the depths of their imaginations. Whether it be in the form of a sneaker or a simulated race car engine, modders take PC building to the next level. Staszek "Tips" Wiertelak is one of those modders that takes his creations to a unique level, such as the DoomhordePC seen below in a YouTube video by the creator. His latest creation is no different, as he embraces the idea of ripping through content in a most brutal manner, and possibly a few zombies.

The DoomhordePC can bring a couple of things to mind instantly as you peer at the blood splattered, torture inducing, chainsaw case. Whether you imagine playing as Leatherface, or sawing off zombie heads in a post apocalyptic world, this PC mod is most assuredly on the cutting edge and sure to grab the attention of any fan of horror. 

The case itself is made to look like the rusty motor portion of the chainsaw. A blood spattered blade menacingly extends out from the case, giving it the killer appeal that "Tips" was probably hoping for. Whether or not the blade has any functionality is not known, but one can hope.

As far as specs go for this killing machine, not a lot is known as of now. In a post by NVIDIA GeForceUK's Twitter account, it stated it was powered by an RTX 3080. We don't know if that is a 12GB variant, or a 10GB one, but either way it will surely rip through any game that is thrown at it.

What are your thoughts on this chainsaw build? Would you play games on it, or is it a bit too much for you? Let us know in the comments.

Top Image Credit: NVIDIA GeForceUK/Staszek "Tips" Wiertelak